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Build your White-Label Mental Health App with Wellifiy

Stand out from the competition with a Wellifiy-powered white-label mental health platform & provide your patients with a cutting-edge digital health experience that heroes your organisation's branding.

What is a White-Label Mental Health Platform?

When you create a Wellifiy-powered white-label mental health platform, we take our existing mental health platform & apply your organisations branding, logo, & colour palette throughout it. You will also be able to name the mobile app anything you'd like & your patients will download your own dedicated app from the Apple App & Google Play stores with your organisations own app icon.

Stand Out from Competitors

In an increasingly competitive health marketplace, distinguishing your organisation with a bespoke, & fully branded mobile app immediately sets you apart from competitors.

Save Time & Money

Building a mental health app from scratch with a development agency is extremely costly, time-consuming, & inefficient. With a Wellifiy-powered white-label mental health platform you can be up & running in days & at a fraction of the cost!

Maximise Functionality

Utilise Wellifiy to create your customised white-label mental health app & 10x your platform’s functionality from the get-go!

Safe & Secure. Private & Confidential.

Ironclad Encryption

Hospital & Bank grade encryption technology ensures that your data remains safe & secure, in transit & at rest. All data is stored in Australia on local AWS servers.

Privacy Centric to the Core

Meticulously constructed to accord with HIPAA, PIPEDA, & Australian Privacy Protection Principles requirements. Learn more about our commitment to privacy below.

Continuous Security Monitoring

Proactive & continuous security monitoring & assessment ensure the highest level of protection for your data in line with the latest security standards.

Hero your brand with a Wellifiy-powered white-label mental health app

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